Cleis Tech s.r.l., is an Information Technology enterprise born in 2005. It takes up the business model that characterized Cleis Technology Ltd. in the years 1992-2002. During 2002-2005 the current founders of Cleis Tech have worked under different configurations due to successive incorporations and mergers with other realities of the sector until the associates decided to revive the original entrepreneurial project. A Cleis Tech introductive brochure is here available.

The gradual spread and consolidation of open standards based solutions allow great freedom of choice with respect to different hardware and software components. However, as a result, this feature makes both the dedicated applications and infrastructures to become much more complex. Hence, the design, the provision, the setup and the maintenance of IT infrastructures and the development of suited applications do require always-increasing skills and a wide range of expertise. Moreover, a strong attitude to provide the best solutions in terms of price / performance, stability, safety, power consumption and easy maintenance is necessary.

Cleis Tech s.r.l. is a provider of solutions and services for information system infrastructures. Its capability to design and deliver IT systems architectures, as well as to supply all the necessary services to implement them, is the aspect that best characterizes the company and its business.
Cleis Tech reference market mainly consists of organizations equipped with medium / high complexity IT structure, regardless of their economic sector or their nature (e.g. private companies or public bodies).